Global Underground DJ Competition

On 16th September GLOBAL UNDERGROUND returns to Budapest with their own event at Kasino / Cinema Hall / FB Event:

Does GU looking for a DJ? No. But it is remarkable of Global Underground that they are always looking for the most appropriate possibilities for itself and for its audience regarding music. Thus, the leadership of GU decided to announce a 2 weeks long competition in connection with their event in Debrecen (15th Sept) and Budapest (16th Sept) in two categories.

We are happy that we can give a little help to these future DJs and maybe to those DJs who are already present in the scene, because there is a chance to play on the official GU After & Before event.

Category I.

The first 3 winners will have the chance to play on the official GU Before & After party, where the judges and the artists will test th younger and the experienced competitors in a private, real club environment. The final winner will get the chance to play at a Global Underground Budapest event in 2018.

50% of the votes are from online votes and then other half are from the judges.

Category II.

This category is mainly for producers, and competitors have to register with their own works. The prize is a release on a Hungarian label, which is supported by

According to the rules, the votes are divided to – 30% online votes, 70% judges.

More information:

How to register:

  1. Follow the steps under “REGISTRATION”
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Send your short introduction in English, which includes the software you use and your technical rider as well to

Category I: the mix has to be “live recording”. We expect mixes which were made live on their preferred equipment (CD player, turntable, laptop + controller).

Category II: we accept tracks only which are mastered by you. Send your SoundCloud private link of your track (we do not accept snippets)

More information:

Mixes to vote

Norbay (Kosztovics Norbert)

Peter Csabai

MusicDealer™ (Székely Zoltán)

Malito (Varga Tamás)

Hussar (Huszár Ferenc)

Neonpet (Repei Péter)

Sade Rush special (Szvetnik Kálmán)

DeepFlight (Kemény Ákos)

Thomas Stoffer (Stoffer Tamás)

Phil Deep (Filep Attila)

Peter Bozsa (Péter Bózsa)

Tomek (Bolye Tamás)

Ricardo Piedra (Kőteleki Richárd)

Kirtan (Antal Szilveszter)

Sygmon P. (Sági Péter)

O’shea (Oskó Zoltán)

Snorkle (Vida Balázs)

Alexander (Rózsa Sándor)

Mr Stark (Varga Norbert)

Audio Beat (Kovács József)

Viktoriezee (Estéli Gábor Viktor)

Re-Bound (Szalai Szabolcs)

Echolab (Hlavács Ádám)

Benho (Lisztes Bence)

Krump-Lee (Rada Tamás)

Orion (Nyúl-Tóth András)

Underground Ticket (Dezső Dániel)

Mendez (Pelle Csaba Nándor)

Mr.Johannesbeat (Bogdán János)

Lasley Small (Kiss László)

Feky (Fekecs János)

Oprix Vasziljevics (Oprics László)

FoelBass. (Adrian Gal)

Garami (Garami Gábor)

iSO (Isóczky István)

Vade Devour (Jeszenszki Dávid)

0L1V3R (Oliver Gumulák)

NorBee (Börcsök Norbert)

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